By Zara Mansoor.

At least one should take some stand against this issue and if not than one is required a great patience and tolerance for the stupidity old students show to newcomers.

First day when you enter the educational institution especially University you face a lot of things like bullying, ragging by some educated boorish people who try to oppress you at every step and ask one to do cheap, ridiculous things and make videos which I don’t consider good. Even many girls allow others to rag them. Literally it needs a huge endurance to see someone laughing at you, at least I am not having that kind of tolerance.

Recently I started my university and the first day was the toughest, not because of work but because of some irritating people who were trying to bully their juniors but in actual they were misbehaving which they themselves didn’t know. All day I dealt with a lot of things.

After the end of my first class when my Sir left some boys came in class, locked that door and introduced themselves as members of community. We all had some doubt on them. One of them asked our names and suddenly other one broke his silence and asked us to come turn by turn and introduce in front of the whole class. They didn’t have anything to do with our introduction but who can dare to say a word to senior?

They gave every girl some word to use at the end of every sentence and believe me those all words were beastly and despicable. Every other boy was enjoying this. At this stage I would say a girl herself allows a boy to make joke of hers. Without permitting anyone no one would be dared enough to make joke of you.

When my turn came I rudely behaved and asked them “what kind of introduction you people want?’’, argument started and they demanded me to give introduction in Urdu as they thought I didn’t know the language but later on started behaving badly so I informed them I wasn’t going to do any cheap thing they wanted me to do.

I had no idea what those two man told everyone because whole day every other guy was staring me like I had done something shameful and horrible.

The society we all are sharing or living in, is unspeakable, here even if one raises voice for his/her respect that man becomes bad in everyone’s eye.

About Author:

“Zara Mansoor is a student of media studies and based in Islamabad. She is an article writer, blogger and contributes to various magazines. She can be reached at


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