British-Muslim MP, Zarah Sultana, cries while recounting Islamophobia

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A British-Muslim MP, Zarah Sultana, breaks down in tears while recounting cases of Islamophobia in the UK following the tragic incident of 9/11 during a speech in the parliament.

Sultana in her speech said that she has seen how British Muslims were subjected to prominent abuse. The 27-year-old Labour MP started her speech by saying that,”Before being elected I was nervous about being a Muslim woman in the public eye.

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“Growing up, I had seen the abuse prominent British Muslims were subjected to – I knew I wouldn’t be in for an easy ride.

“And today I would like to say I was wrong to be worried when young Muslim girls ask me what it’s like.

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“I would like to say ‘there is nothing to worry about, that they would face the same challenges as their non-Muslim friends and colleagues, but I cannot say that because in my short time in Parliament that is not my experience.”

Islamophobia: A brutal reality 

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She shared the video of her speech on her Twitter account. In the caption, she wrote: “This wasn’t an easy speech to give, but I can’t be silent about Islamophobia.”

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In her speech, Sultana mentioned the hates message she received.

“One person for example wrote to me, and I quote, ‘Sultana, you and your Muslim mob are a real danger to humanity. Another wrote I am cancer everywhere I go and soon, they said, ‘Europe will vomit you out.’

“A third called me a ‘terrorist sympathizer and scum of the earth’ and that is sanitized of their unparliamentary language.”

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The MP broke down in tears as she told the hall: “I have discovered that to be a Muslim woman, to be outspoken, and to be left-wing is to be subjected to this barrage of hate. It is to be treated by some as if I were an enemy of the country I was born in. As if I don’t belong.”

She criticized PM Borish Johnson’s remarks of comparing Muslim women to letterboxes that legitimized racism. Sultana added that since 9/11 people have perceived Muslims as a security threat.

Since her power, she has been receiving praise and appreciation from other Britain parliamentarians and people. Sultana is praised for boldly speaking out against Islamophobia.

British-Muslim MP, Zarah Sultana, cries while recounting Islamophobia

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