Home Entertainment Brad Pitt’s BAFTAs royal loved ones joke resulted in some serious awkward...

Brad Pitt’s BAFTAs royal loved ones joke resulted in some serious awkward laughter

Brad Pitt’s BAFTAs royal loved ones joke resulted in some serious awkward laughter

By Sam Haysom

Brad Pitt could not be there in particular person to obtain his Supporting Actor BAFTA, so Margot Robbie experienced to do it for him. She had to read out his speech, as well – Brexit and royal family members jokes integrated.

“He says, um, he is heading to title this Harry,” claims Robbie, holding up Pitt’s shiny new award. “Cuz, er, he is really thrilled about bringing it back again to the States with him.”

Cue groany laughter, a near-up of Prince William and Kate Middleton laughing awkwardly in the front row, and Robbie dashing off stage soon after promptly stating, “His terms, not mine, many thanks!”

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