Bollywood is becoming an interesting mirror image – of Indian foreign policy, Indian foreign policy, that in past proudly projected itself as “Non-Aligned”,  is now desperate to align itself with US policy mantras – with jargons that define all enemies as “Evil” or “terrorists”

Hollywood has been doing the same – first against the Germans,  then against Soviets  and later Arabs and Muslims – casting them as “Evil” or idiots and buffoons-  but now all enemies are: “terrorists”

Bollywood follows like an avid pupil – in movie after movie, it portrays Pakistan as “Evil” and “epicenter” of terrorism.

Muslim actors like Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan – top others in this frenzy -since hating Pakistan is passport to Indian patriotism

“Indian Muslims” suffer from a crisis of insecurity  – Bashing Pakistan is an “Indian Loyalty Test”

Art imitates life or Life imitates art is an old debate –  but net effect of this false narrative shaping is that common people inside both United States and India perceive them to the the main victims of “terrorism”

In United States, politics is being shaped around “Islamophobia”

In India, home to 15% Muslims,  it has lead to hatred against Islam – Hindutva fanatics see Muslims and their beliefs as threat to India.

But reality is that – United States has hardly seen – any foreign terrorism since 9/11…

Home grown psychopaths like – Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas,  or Omar Mateen of Pulse Gay Club, Flordia – are a far bigger threat to lives of innocent Americans..

And India – where common man sees himself as victim of terrorism – thanks to media –  is in reality least affected – by violence that has destroyed lives across the region..

Since 9/11, more than a million Iraqis died – first in war waged by Americans then in Shia Sunni fratricide –

But Most analysts – are now convinced – that playing with  “Shia-Sunni” fault line was part of the script to shape “New Middle East”

Millions have died in Iraq and Syria, No one has thought it important to count – hundreds and thousands that perished in wars in Afghanistan and Libya…

And what about the millions that lost there homes, children and even identity  – Muslim immigrants losing their lives, self respect and sanity at the shores of Mediterranean and streets of Europe?

Almost 8000 uniformed soldiers and 100,000 Pakistanis have died as victims of terrorism – in wars in FATA, SWAT, Baluchistan and street fightings in Karachi  – since America’s 9/11

But Mastermind of Karachi gang warfare still lives free in London – And 21st century Britain, proud of James Bond, MI5, MI6 & Scotland Yard could not prosecute – Altaf Hussain

Yet Bollywood movies make common Indians feel as victims…

Popular beliefs feed onto Indian politics – Right wing extremists, like Modi, Ajit Doval and Yogi Adianath  derive more power from these false narratives.

likes of Marine Le Pen, Steve Bannon and Trump  are children of the same narrative…

Mumbai’s 26/11 was a great human tragedy, and it rightly echoes across the western world – but few remember Pakistan’s APS – ARMY Public School – where 150 school children and teachers were ruthlessly butchered by TTP gunmen – Children were as young as 6 – most aged between 12 to 16 – two woman teachers were burnt alive – children were made to watch that horror…

US and European forces had governed Afghanistan – and often blamed Pakistan for failing to fight Taliban but “TTP” that killed APS school children and countless Pakistanis – operates from Afghanistan – under the protection of Afghan Intelligence, NDS – NDS is a tool of Indian Agency, RAW – RAW’s budgets for Afghanistan now run into hundreds of millions.

RAW’s senior officer, Commander Kulbhashan Yadav was caught from Baluchistan – He was operating under a fake identity of Hussain Mubarak Patel -passport given by Indian Govt.

His mission was to direct violent insurgency inside Pakistan, and target CPEC.

Terrorists repeatedly attack road works, construction labor, army, law enforcement and Chinese Engineers…they want CPEC to fail.

Its obvious that South Asia is now witnessing an inter-agency conflict – waged through proxies…of different names, shapes and form.

Western and Indian publics, intellectuals and academia will have to address double standards of their governments and media – Unless they do -this region will continue to burn – India and Pakistan are fast becoming an Arab – Israel conflict.

Time to wake up – from false narratives of Hollywood and its avid pupil – Bollywood.


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