Beirut bank gunman still behind bars as family takes on the street in protest

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BEIRUT: The Lebanese man who held eleven bank employees hostage during gunpoint while demanding the discharge of his frozen accumulation remained behind bars on Fri pending further inquiries.

Bassam Al-Sheikh Hussein was arrested after on your own leaving the Federal Financial institution branch in Beirut at Thursday evening following a seven-hour standoff.

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Towards Friday, members of our family blocked Al-Ouzai Street in Beirut in demonstration at his continued detention saying it was in breach of an agreement made before.

Any armed man Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein, 42, speaks by working with one of his hostages extremely bank, in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. (AP)

Al-Sheikh Hussein, 44, surrendered after being told her/his family would be given $35, 000 of his dough and being promised he would be questioned and then decide to put free. Inside the bank he previously been armed with a pump-action shotgun and gasoline, whom at on point raam anand said he would use to established himself alight.

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Many people in the crowd which will had gathered outside the mortgage lender during the siege applauded because he was led away. Lebanon’s central bank imposed a freeze on all bank and credit union deposits in 2019.

Despite the promise that he would be allowed to walk no-cost, after leaving the bank Al-Sheikh Hussein was arrested furthermore detained on the orders at the Lebanese judiciary.

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Lawyer Haytham Ezzo mentioned to Arab News that Al-Sheikh Hussein was detained from the Information Branch of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces and thus denied access to a lawyer despite it being his legal right to have single present.

“Even if no one sues her dad, there’s the public right, ” he said. “Either typically the investigating judge asks for ones release after he’s spoken him by the Information Side branch, or asks for his jailed. ”

Ezzo said it was possible that Al-Sheikh Hussein had been arrested just for endangering state security or just threatening to kill along with kidnap.

Aren’t used . also money paid to the for the, that could not be reclaimed with bank as “it does not constitute a criminal equipment. It is the arrested depositor’s fantastic and property, ” your boyfriend added.

Hassan Mughnieh, the head of Lebanon’s Depositors Association, who was accountable for the negotiations between Al-Sheikh Hussein and the bank, stated to Arab News that “neither the employees who were held slave shackled nor the Federal Monetary institution sued him. ”

But the gunman do you hope, do remain behind bars until a fortnight at the earliest, he dietary fad.

“Things will end up as clear on Tuesday, being it’s the weekend and simply judges do not work on Tuesday in the Justice Palaces. ”

He incorporated: “As depositors, we will manage a protest in front of Beirut’s Justice Palace on The following thursday and in front of the Directorate General of the Internal Safeguards Forces. We don’t have a hassle with Al-Sheikh Hassan’s public court, but justice says the banking firm owner should also be detected. ”

Mughnieh said he had received countless calls from other disgruntled financial depositors saying they desired to act as Al-Sheikh Hassan included done.

Lebanese bank customers have had its deposits frozen since the start of country’s economic crisis and suffering of its currency.

Castro Abdallah, head while using National Federation of Change and Employees Unions, mentioned on Friday that “the affected people should pabellón together in order to recover the type of stolen public and depositors’ money. ”

He called on assemblages to protest next Turkey day in the commercial street of Hamra in Beirut.

Lebanon’s caretaker deputy Key Minister Saade Chami aware that Lebanon was horde at a crossroads.

“We need to acknowledge the actual truth and the crises we are contending with and confront them. Which means we should take the needed is the measurement of and carry out the critical and additionally necessary reforms that the particular country on the right path. ”

He added the best way financial and monetary strategies adopted in recent years in a bid to buy time had failed and that time was now jogging out.

“No one will rescue united states of america if we don’t try to rescue ourselves, ” he exclaimed. “Receiving help from the tiny bit friends we have left in this field will not achieve the desired results. ”


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