Baghdad’s envoy to UK reviews reconstruction plan for Iraq

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DUBAI: Baghdad’s envoy to the United Kingdom Muhammad Jaafar Al-Sadr has reviewed with experts a comprehensive plan on the reconstruction of Iraq.
The ambassador met with Iraqi experts to discuss their vision for the advancement and development of various sectors in the country, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported on Tuesday.
“Ambassador Muhammad Jaafar Al-Sadr received Dr. Raouf Al-Ansari, Secretary-General of the Iraqi Consultative Commission for Reconstruction and Development in the United Kingdom, and a number of Iraqi experts who are members of the commission, which includes more than 60 Iraqi experts from inside and outside Iraq, and in various specialties,” the Iraqi embassy said in a statement.
The envoy stressed the importance of teamwork and coordination between experts inside and outside Iraq, as well as the need to communicate this effort to decision makers in Iraq, INA reported.
The Iraqi experts presented an overview of their contributions from studies, which published and used as a roadmap to find appr


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