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Are you a Verizon Unlimited subscriber? You’re getting a year of Disney+!

Are you a Verizon Unlimited subscriber? You’re getting a year of Disney+!

Can't beat free

What you need to know

  • Verizon is the exclusive wireless partner for Disney+.
  • New and current Verizon 4G and 5G Unlimited subscribers will get one year of Disney+.
  • New FiOS and 5G Home Internet subscribers will get one year of Disney+.
  • Verizon customers can activate their free Disney+ subscriptions on November 12.

Disney+ is three weeks away and I cannot wait to stream ALL the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars magic, and if you didn’t snag the sweet “3 years for the price of 2” deal that Disney offered back in late August, good news! If you’re an Unlimited Verizon customer, you’re getting a free year of Disney+!

Verizon announced today that it is the exclusive wireless carrier partner for Disney+, and to reward is home internet and unlimited mobile customers, some Verizon subscribers are getting a year free. Here’s who’s eligible for a free year of Disney+:

  • New and existing 4G Unlimited mobile subscribers
  • New and existing 5G Unlimited mobile subscribers
  • New FiOS home internet subscribers
  • New 5G home internet subscribers

If you did buy a Founder’s Circle subscription with three years of service — or you already signed up for your first year of Disney+ — this deal is extra good news for you. A Disney+ rep confirmed to us that Verizon customers who signed up for an annual or multi-year Disney+ subscriptions during one of the pre-sale offers will have the choice to receive a 12-month extension to their current subscription or a refund for the unused portion of their existing Disney+ subscription.

In short, if you’re a Verizon subscriber that signed up for the D23 offer, you can get four years for the price of two. And, oh, how I envy you!

On November 12, Verizon subscribers will be able to activate that free year subscription, after which they’ll be charged $6.99 monthly — you’ll likely want to swap to the yearly subscription instead when the first year is up. Verizon has a landing page for “Disney+ on Us”, but it’s still coming soon at this time. If you’re on Verizon, though, you’ll probably want to bookmark it ahead of November 12.

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