Amid 4 exchanges of fireside, Gadchiroli police bust Maoist arms unit

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Gadchiroli police struck within the Abujmad forest in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday, destroying an arms restore unit and surviving an ambush on their method again Thursday.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (Gadchiroli vary) Sandip Patil informed The Indian Express, “We had planned an operation on Wednesday against the tactical counter-offensive campaign (TCOC) of the Naxalites that began on March 1. Over the last three days, four exchanges of fire happened with the Naxalites. Our men destroyed a gun repair unit of the Naxalites in the Kodur forest across the border in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday after an exchange of fire with them, while one of our men was injured on the leg in a Naxal ambush on the way back on Thursday.”

Patil added, “The operation was launched under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police (Aheri) Somay Munde. Eight of our C60 commando parties comprising about 250 men were involved. On Wednesday, they entered Kodur area, where Naxalites don’t fear action from police, and engaged a Naxal group in action near Kukameta village. Exchange of fire went on for about 25 minutes, with Naxals running away. Our men found the gun unit in the area having two lathe machines and destroyed it.”

The arms unit operation was carried out by a gaggle of three C60 events led by Munde.

Two extra encounters adopted round four pm and 6 pm in Kodur forest, by which a policeman was shot within the leg. On Friday, there was one other encounter at 10.30 am between Naxalites and the celebration led by Munde. “But the Naxals fled, with police dominating in the fire,” Patil mentioned.

“The parties have now returned to Maharashtra side and are on their way back. We will get details after they reach Kothi police outpost in Bhamragarh tahsil.”