Friday, March 5, 2021

A treatment that cures Covid-19 in 10 days developed by a Pakistani-Russian scientist

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Dr. Jan Alam, a Pakistani-Russian scientist, has developed a Covid-19 treatment called “Minerolytevir” that reportedly cures the virus in ten days. Minerolytevir is a mineral-based treatment built on nanotechnology.  It has been registered with the Drug Regulation Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) and is a fifth-generation medicine.

The aforementioned treatment does not have any harmful side-effects, so much so that it can also be given to a one-day-old child, Dr. Jan Alam revealed in a press conference at the National Press Club.

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He also informed that several patients in Russia and Pakistan have tried the treatment and have shown positive results. All of them have successfully recovered from Covid-19 using his mineral-based treatment.

The Pakistani-Russian scientist also deems his mineral-based treatment to be the first of its kind in the world. He advised the government to benefit from his treatment by introducing it in hospitals.

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“A patient diagnosed with COVID-19 can be cured within 10 days by using this medicine. Patients on ventilatory support can be saved by using it through nebulization. Just one mist of spray on the face and other body parts saves a person for 3-4 hours in these crucial days of the pandemic,” stated Dr. Jan Alam.

Dr. Jan Alam further stated that he has developed several other treatments for life-threatening diseases, including the one to treat cancer. Back in Russia, he has been honored with several awards for his contribution to the field of medicine. He has also been honored as the “Best Scientist in Pharmacology” for three consecutive years; 2018 in Geneva, 2019, and 2020 in Paris for his mineral-based treatment.

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Pakistan to get Sinopharm vaccine 

China will provide half a million doses of its Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine as a gift to Pakistan by the end of this month, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Thursday.

“Always great to speak to my friend, His Excellency FM Wang Yi… Pakistan greatly appreciates the 500,000 doses of the vaccine gifted by China,” he said in a tweet.

Qureshi added that China has played an instrumental role in Pakistan’s fight against COVID-19 with “technical assistance and medical expertise.”

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In a separate statement, the foreign minister said his Chinese counterpart has assured that another 1.1 million doses will arrive in Pakistan in February.

The country’s drug regulatory authority approved the Chinese vaccine for emergency use, two days after the vaccine developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca received a similar authorization.

Pakistan has been engaging with a number of vaccine makers, according to the adviser of health Faisal Sultan. The federal government has also allowed the private sector and the provinces to procure vaccines on their own, subject to relevant approval.

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