Monsoon flooding and landslides persevered to cause havoc in South Asia on Tuesday, with the death toll rising to 78 in Nepal and authorities in neighboring northeastern India struggling with to present relief to over 4 million people in Assam command, officers said.

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Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Center said more than 40,000 soldiers and police officers had been using helicopters and land skill to skedaddle meals, tents and treatment to hundreds of oldsters hit by annual flooding. Rescuers additionally had been taking a see for 32 missing people.

In Assam, officers said floodwaters enjoy killed a minimum of 19 people and brought hassle to a couple 4.5 million.

Extra than 85,000 people enjoy taken safe haven in 187 command government-skedaddle camps in 30 of the command’s 33 districts, the command catastrophe administration authority said in a assertion.

Atiqua Sultana, a district Justice of the Peace, said a flooded river washed away a 150-meter (490-foot) stretch of Assam’s border avenue with Bangladesh, flooding 70 villages on the Indian facet.

Around 80% of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, residence to the endangered one-horn rhinoceros, has been flooded by the Brahmaputra river, which flows alongside the sanctuary, forest officer Jutika Borah said.

After inflicting flooding and landslides in Nepal, three rivers had been overflowing in India and submerging parts of eastern Bihar command, killing a minimum of 24 people, said Pratata Amrit, a command government official.

Extra than 2.5 million people had been hit by the flooding in 12 of 38 districts of Bihar command, Amrit said.

In Bangladesh, a minimum of a dozen people, mostly farmers, had been killed by lightning since Saturday as monsoon rains battered parts of the low-lying nation.

Bangladesh, with 160 million people and more than 130 rivers, is liable to monsoon floods on account of overflowing rivers and the heavy onrush of water from upstream India.

Monsoon rains hit the command in June-September. The rains are vital for rain-fed vegetation planted at some level of the season.

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