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23 Questions for Greta Thunberg, 19th-Century Gold Miner and Time Traveler

23 Questions for Greta Thunberg, 19th-Century Gold Miner and Time Traveler

Here, Greta Thunberg in the present-day day and her yet again in 1898.
Photograph: Getty/University of Washington Libraries, Particular Collections, [HEG467]

Some may well say that men and women likeGreta Thunberg, the teenager local climate activist from Sweden, are one particular of a kind. Perfectly, then, explain to me what to make ofthis archived imageshowing a Thunberg look-alike in the yr 1898. If there is only one blessed Thunberg, what the hell is she doing in nineteenth-century Yukon mining gold?

That is, of training course, what quite a few are inquiring after atweetcontacting Thunberg a time traveler from the upcoming listed here to help you save us went viral. And I’m kinda into it. The similarities are uncanny: They both of those even rock the signature Thunberg braid! And seem, Thunberg’s done a hell of a lot for a sixteen- calendar year old. She not only helped make“climate strike”and“climate emergency” words of the calendar year, she alsotook this form of protest world-wideto assist elevate the urgency of the local climate crisis. Shewonthe International Children’s Peace Prize Wednesday, and that comes right after aNobel Peace Prize nominationthat she didn’t win—which was for the very best—anddeclininganother award last month.

Thunberg is definitely extraordinary, so who’s to say she’s not a time traveler? She handles the local weather disaster withfar more maturitythan most older people I know. Maybe that’s no coincidence, just after all. Shesits ahead of the United Nationswith the type of poise I even now deficiency at 26. And she’s intended to be 10 a long time more youthful than me?! No way. These conspiracy theorists may be onto a little something, man. Time-traveling is meant to delay aging becauseit consists of outer area, right?

I place alongside one another a checklist of queries for Thunberg if she is, in actuality, a nineteenth-century gold miner and time traveler. Earther will update if this “teen” (yeah, ideal) arrives back with some solutions.

  1. So, hold out, are you basically a teenager?
  2. How does time journey even function?
  3. Do your parents time journey with you?
  4. Are you even still a baby?
  5. Is your time-touring equipment carbon-no cost?
  6. How can we believe that everything you say now that we know we’ve been lied to?!
  7. Have been you essentially mining gold in this photo? Or was it… coal?!?
  8. Coal mining didbegin in this areain the 19th century. Could the photographer have been mistaken?
  9. Exactly how considerably coal did you mine, Greta?!
  10. Okay, let me chill. You’re a goddamn local weather hero. You wouldn’t be mining coal… except you even now did not know it fueled local climate modify! Appropriate?
  11. Speaking of, when did you find out local weather change would develop into the largest danger to humanity?
  12. But, wait around, how the fuck did you wind up working in gold mines? Youngster labor is a stain on human heritage, but so is local weather change, so I guess folks have constantly sucked.
  13. Truly, have persons always sucked?
  14. Have you been to the potential?
  15. Do we even now suck there?
  16. Does Twitter still exist? Be sure to tell me no.
  17. Does U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come to be president? Be sure to convey to me yes.
  18. Can you still journey to the past?
  19. If so, would you intellect viewing the seventies to prevent oil providers like Exxon fromhiding their weather scienceandfueling the weather denial devicethat even now has the American public brainwashed?
  20. Please?
  21. How about going back to thestart of the Industrial Revolutionto allow every person know about the greenhouse outcome?
  22. Also much? How about 2016 to prevent Donald Trump from turning into president of the United States andkillingourweatherpolicies?
  23. On 2nd assumed, do you brain under no circumstances time-traveling again? I feel the present-day timeline needs you if we’re essentially heading

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