Sunday, February 28, 2021

2008 Citroen C6 Review – The Last Proper Citroen?

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  1. My opinion was coloured by owning a Citroen BX. It was the worst car I ever owned, by far. Some of this was not strictly speaking the fault of the car but more a previous owner, but it very quickly ended up getting traded for an old Opel Manta once the true extent of the looming problems and overall unreliability became obvious.

  2. I would absolutely have one of these over any predictable German – which are only reliable because they are on finance. Most German cars of this era are hideous money pits – the Citroen is not that bad despite what most people think. Great review

  3. Just saw one in the streets, the design aged so well its incredible how it subtlely stands out among big muscular agressive cars of today, it really is an echo of Citroën's magic of old… Its classy in a cool slightly alien way, absolutely blows out every high end German design in my opinion, it just got that unique fascinating factor when you look at it in the flesh.


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