Sunday, September 3, 2023

“20 Civilians Killed in Khartoum Air Strike: Activists Report”


Sudanese Activists Report Airstrike in Khartoum Kills 20 Civilians, Including Children

Residents of Khartoum woke up to the sound of artillery and rocket fire on Sunday, following an airstrike in the southern part of the city that claimed the lives of at least 20 civilians, including two children. Sudanese activists have reported that the death toll from the aerial bombardment has risen to 20, with more fatalities likely unrecorded due to the severity of injuries sustained in the bombing.

The ongoing conflict between the regular army and paramilitary fighters has resulted in an estimated 5,000 deaths since it began on April 15. The Sudanese Armed Forces control the skies and regularly carry out air strikes, while the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) dominate the streets of the capital. Western countries have accused the paramilitaries and allied militias of ethnically motivated killings in the western Darfur region, leading to a new probe by the International Criminal Court into alleged war crimes.

Both sides have been accused of abuses, including a July 8 air strike by the army that killed approximately two dozen civilians. The situation in Sudan is dire, with over half of the country’s 48 million people requiring humanitarian aid and protection. The United Nations warns that six million Sudanese are just one step away from famine.

The war has resulted in approximately 3.8 million internally displaced people within Sudan, while another million have fled to neighboring countries. In Khartoum alone, nearly 2.8 million people have been forced to leave their homes, which is more than half of the city’s pre-war population. Those who remain in Khartoum are struggling to survive, rationing water and electricity.

Amidst the chaos and insecurity, resistance committees have emerged as a lifeline for many. These volunteer groups, previously involved in organizing pro-democracy demonstrations, now provide assistance to families caught in the crossfire. They help dig survivors out of the rubble, deliver essential supplies, and document atrocities committed by both sides.

Despite the challenges, the United Nations has been able to provide aid to millions of Sudanese in need. However, the violence shows no signs of abating, and the situation remains dire. Witnesses have reported the army targeting RSF positions in northern Khartoum with artillery and rocket fire.

The international community must take immediate action to address the crisis in Sudan. Humanitarian aid and protection are urgently needed to alleviate the suffering of millions of Sudanese people. Additionally, efforts should be made to establish a lasting peace and hold those responsible for war crimes accountable.

In conclusion, the recent airstrike in Khartoum that claimed the lives of 20 civilians, including children, is a tragic reminder of the ongoing conflict in Sudan. The situation is dire, with millions of people in need of humanitarian aid and protection. The international community must step up its efforts to address the crisis and work towards a lasting peace in Sudan.

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