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1,000 of the most breathtaking landscapes in Google Earth

1,000 of the most breathtaking landscapes in Google Earth

Earth See 2020 update hero picture

Gopal Shah

Merchandise Supervisor, Google Earth

Published Feb 11, 2020

Ten several years ago, I was traveling over San Francisco when this unusual but kaleidoscopically attractive vista opened up exterior of my tiny plane window. When I bought home, I fired up Google Earth to look into. The aerial wonder together the southern tip of the bay turned out to be the Salt Ponds. Microorganisms reacting to the salt runoff in these waters color the swimming pools surreal hues, and the ensuing chromatic smudge is noticeable miles over Earth’s floor. As an amateur photographer, I instinctively took a screenshot of the landscape now distinct on my laptop computer. And with that easy act, Earth See was born.

San Francisco Bay Area Salt Ponds

Our initial Earth Perspective, the San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds

Earth Watch is a selection of 1000’s of the planet’s most gorgeous landscapes, seen from place. More than the past decade, the selection has been witnessed by tens of millions close to the world as wallpapers for Android equipment, screensavers for Chromecast and Google Property, and as an interactive exhibit in Google Earth’s Voyager. Earth See was even after showcased on the world’s most important billboard to deliver a minor zen to Periods Sq. through the vacations.

Today, we are making our largest update to Earth Look at by including more than 1,000 new pictures to the assortment, bringing the whole to much more than two,500 hanging landscapes. The upgraded imagery characteristics additional areas all-around the world and is optimized for today’s superior-resolution screens—featuring brighter colors, sharper photos and resolutions up to 4K.

  • Yellowstone Nationwide Park Earth Check out

    A sample from just about every continent of the one,000+ new Earth Views accessible today. This is Yellowstone Countrywide Park in the United States.

  • Qaasuitsup Greenland Earth View.jpg

    Qaasuitsup Municipality, Greenland

  • Egypt Earth Look at


  • San Francisco Venezuela Earth Look at.jpg

    San Francisco, Venezuela

  • Nanga Australia Earth Look at.jpg

    Nanga, Australia

  • Antartica Earth View


  • Hail Provence Saudi Arabia Earth See.jpg

    Hail Province, Saudi Arabia

All the new imagery is readily available in the Earth Look at Gallery, as very well as the popular Earth See Chrome Extension. The gallery also now options a nifty colour map to aid you visualize the 1000’s of Earth Watch destinations, and discover a landscape showcasing your preferred colour.

Earth View color map

Filter a lot more than two,five hundred Earth Views by shade or area

To convey Earth View to lifetime, we have collaborated with our good friends at Ubilabs in Hamburg, Germany. Jointly in excess of the earlier many many years, we have refined a set of resources that support us scour 36 million sq. miles of satellite imagery, while keeping wonderful digital camera regulate to get just the suitable shot. To put together the last image, we optimize the colour profile for the particular landscape, and export the remaining picture in ultra superior resolution.

Learn how we capture Earth Views

Understand how we seize Earth Sights

Earth Perspective started off simply enough—a curiosity pursued by the curious. More than the ten years, that small seed sprouted quite a few limbs, and today this imagery has been observed by hundreds of thousands of people the entire world above. For me, Earth View’s resonance is the even bigger curiosity. As a species, we have only had access to sights from house for the past 50 several years. Nevertheless anything encoded in us extended back seems to wake up when we see the environment at this unparalleled scale. 

Earth Watch has the electricity to elevate our minds from our small screens to outer space—the landscapes that materialize when you open up a new tab or unlock your cellphone punctuate your working day with a world wide seeking glass. My hope then is this humorous, minimal project—along with Google Earth as a whole—moves us to care more deeply about this bizarre but kaleidoscopically gorgeous world. 

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